The BMW X7 Could Be Getting A V12 Engine To Fight The Bentayga

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And if our eyes are working correctly, it could also borrow the X2 Concept's front end.

Until now, BMW has been running its entire operation selling SUVs that are no larger than the X5 (as the sportier variety, the X6 is actually smaller than the X5). Travesty, we say. In an era where the bigger is better mantra has infected the rest of the world and automakers are rewarded handsomely according to who builds the next large leather-lined palace, it was a bit odd to see BMW absent from a class inhabited by the Mercedes GLS and Audi Q7.

And then evidence emerged that the Bavarians had wised up and decided to build the opulent X7, expressed to us by the company as an SUV that could spawn as two different vehicles, one a seven-seater SUV for those with large families in need of luxury and the other being a more lavish option for those wanting a subdued Bentley Bentayga. Thankfully our spies have yet again proven that the X7 is alive and well on its way to maturing into a production vehicle. Not much has changed since the last time we saw the X7 because the covered grille still looks large and the rest of the vehicle's dimensions continue to do a good impression of a bloated X5.

Like the X2 Concept and the X2 that's been spotted testing, the X7 could get BMW's new upside down kidney grille, which we're still not sure what to think of. Similar to the next generation of X5 and the current 7 Series, the X7 will feature BMW's CLAR, short for cluster architecture. This should help keep the X7 from being too heavy on the scales but make no mistake, this is no race car. For those that want to pretend it is, BMW will offer its array of inline six engines, a V8 option, and, if the rumors are correct, a range-topping V12 model to really stick it to the GLS. Late 2018 should see the unveiling of the X7 as a 2019 model. Let's just hope BMW isn't too late to the large SUV party.

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