The BMW X7 Won't Launch Until Early 2019

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But can BMW afford to wait that long?

Although we've known about its ongoing development for quite some time, BMW has confirmed that it won't launch its highly anticipated three-row X7 crossover until early 2019. The updated news comes to us from AutoGuide, who confirmed the X7's launch with Ludwig Willisch, head of BMW Americas. Willisch also re-confirmed the X7 will be built in the German automaker's Spartanburg, South Carolina, production facility, which is "the biggest plant that (BMW) has in our universe."

The X3, X4, X5 and X6 are also all manufactured there, so it makes complete sense for it to be the chosen site for the X7, which will heavily target crossover loving US buyers. BMW is faced with the challenge of making sure the X7 still has an engaging driving experience despite its larger size. Fortunately, Willisch also stated the X7 "will also make its laps on the Nurburgring Nordschleife," so that BMW driving feel should still prevail. The early 2019 launch date actually does come as something of a surprise to us, mainly because BMW is late getting into the three-row luxury crossover segment. The three-row Audi Q7, by contrast, has been around for quite some time.

But the Q7's third row isn't exactly comfortable for adults, and this is where BMW can improve things, at least somewhat. AutoGuide also mentioned to Willisch the fact that some brand purists aren't thrilled with the automaker due to its mass crossover expansion (the X2 is also on its way). "Why would they think that?" asked Willisch. Adding that even its crossovers are more engaging to drive than many of their competitors, Willisch is adamant that BMW hasn't lost its way. "Hell no!" he added.

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