The Bonkers N 2025 Vision GT Concept Proves Hyundai Is Finally Serious About Speed

Video Game

The dawn of Hyundai's performance sub-brand is upon us.

Hyundai announced the arrival of its new performance sub-brand at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show in a big way with the reveal of the N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo concept. Like all other Vision GT cars it exists solely in the virtual racing world of “Gran Turismo 6.” It’s powered by two hydrogen fuel cell stacks and a super capacitor system with a total power output of 871 horsepower. Power is put down via four in-wheel electric motors. Its weight is a slim and trim 2,143 pounds and it will apparently make a deep virtual growl.

As a standalone concept the Hyundai Vision GT is impressive, but don’t forget that it’s part of the launch of Hyundai N. N is not a shot at BMW’s M but rather a nod to the Korean automaker’s research and development facility in Namyang (South Korea) and the Nurburgring where N cars will be tested. The first real-world example of what N can do will be the new i20 WRC rally car. Or it may be the N-inspired bobsled, which the company made for the Korean national team. We’ve known about Hyundai N for some time now but it’s nice to finally see it getting off the ground. In terms of what models could receive the N treatment our first thoughts are of course the Genesis and Veloster.

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That being said Hyundai has a pretty complete lineup, so we're hoping to see a range of N models. Or the sub-brand could be leverage to launch new cars that could benefit from a disassociation with the parent brand. Let's be honest, folks don't exactly think performance when they hear the name Hyundai. Either way this is an exciting move and we're eagerly awaiting the first real-world examples of Hyundai N.