The 'Boys in Blue' from Bucharest get a Lotus Evora S

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The Romanian Police just upgraded their arsenal with a 350hp Lotus Evora S.

Lotus has been delivering their Evora S supercars to police forces around Europe and that elite fraternity of chasing speeders in supercars just gained a new member in Eastern Europe. Romania's finest will be running their Evora S with a top speed of 174mph and a sprint of 0-62mph in 4.8 seconds for missions involving traffic surveillance and raid intervention. The announcement came in response to a highway chase on the Sun Highway in which speeds hit as high as 155mph.

The police knew they needed to upgrade their equipment and the only logical way to go about it was to get an 'ace-in-the-hole' of sorts in the form of a British supercar. The car was unveiled today in a ceremony just outside of Bucharest in the town of Otopeni. Dignitaries attending the ceremony included members of the Romanian Police and Ministry of Internal Affairs, Forza Rossa Chief Ion Bazac and the British Ambassador Martin Harris. The car will be supplied by Forza Rossa, Lotus' first dealer in Romania. They have received five orders for the popular Lotus Exige and Evora models in March, a week after they opened their doors.

Ion Bazac spoke, saying "Forza Rossa wants, together with the sale of Lotus models, to promote road safety, as well as a new automotive culture in Romania. The company wants to play an active role in fighting accidents and delinquencies on the road. We wish to show that the passion for cars car be lived to its fullest in safety, responsibility and while following the law." The Romanian police have 2 years to use their 350hp Evora S, which costs €76,000. Italy and England already use the Evora S in their respective arsenals. Photos displayed are of the Lotus Evora for the UK Police.

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