The Brain Inside a Koenigsegg

In the silicon age, even supercars are equipped with advanced electronic control systems.

There's more to any car than just an engine, gearbox and body. There needs to be a system that brings them all together allow the car to reach its full potential. But when it comes to a Koenigsegg, the Swedish boutique supercar builder, once again, takes things to an extreme. In this latest episode of Drive's "Inside Koenigsegg" series, Christian Von Koenigsegg proudly discusses his cars' bespoke electronic control systems that are literally their "brain and soul".

Like all other major components, this software is developed in-house. As the company's E-Controller Developer Mattias Rosengren explains the details of his work, it's evidently clear this is a very high-tech process. But should we expect anything less from Koenigsegg? Absolutely not. This is veritable supercar perfection.

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