The British Grand Prix Had Epic Racing, A Horror Crash, Protesting Hippies, And Carlos Sainz Maiden F1 Victory

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The British Grand Prix never fails to deliver.

The British Grand Prix has to count as one of the best races of the last decade. For 90 beautiful seconds, we finally had a trifecta of awesome cars come together as Sergio Perez battled with Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton. Red Bull finally has two main rivals, and we couldn't be more thrilled. More of that in the upcoming races, please.

No matter who you support, we can all get behind the concept of a three-way championship battle. Lewis Hamilton is perhaps too far back to claim his eighth title, but stranger things have happened.

Unfortunately, there was a lot of controversy surrounding the event, and we're not talking about Zhou Guanyu's crash. While F1 TV chose not to cover it, a group of protestors made their way onto a track that was still very much live. From Fernando Alonso's onboard camera, you could see track marshalls fighting to get the group off the Silverstone track.

Mercedes-Benz AG

We understand that protesting is a valuable part of any functioning democracy, but there is a time and a place. A hot track is not that place. Even under safety car conditions, an F1 car would literally tear a person in half. You'll be sent home in a sandwich bag. Protesting while you're uncertain whether a driver is still alive is also in poor taste, and this group arguably did more damage to its cause.

The second issue is the booing. Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton, and Max Verstappen have been booed at significant events. Even if you don't like a driver, have some respect. These guys are putting their lives on the line to create an epic show for you. This point was perfectly illustrated by Guanyu's crash and Romain Grosjean's crash a few years ago. Let's not forget that Jules Bianchi died seven years ago.

F1 is a dangerous sport, so show some respect.

Formula 1/YouTube
Formula 1/YouTube
Formula 1/YouTube
Formula 1/YouTube

The Driver Of The Day

We don't focus on this part of the race often enough, but the viewers decide it. According to the votes, Sergio Perez came out tops with 20.7% of the votes. Lewis Hamilton received 20% of the votes, while Carlos Sainz received 11.1% We'd have been happy for any of the three to receive the gold medal, but it went to the right person.

We'll get to Hamilton and Sainz in a second, but Checo was an absolute monster out there. He started from the back and took his Red Bull all the way to second place. The bottom of Verstappen's car was damaged by a piece of debris, which significantly impacted the Venturi Effect. This is the crucial downforce-generating effect for an F1 car. Considering that, his seventh place was also a brilliant bit of driving.

But the day belonged to Checo, who keeps demonstrating that he's undoubtedly world championship material.

Scuderia Ferrari Press Office
Red Bull Content Pool
Mercedes-Benz AG

Another Podium For Hamilton

Finally, Mercedes-Benz is back in the battle. So far, Mercedes has been consistent, but the times posted by the drivers were closer to midfield than top-tier times. That's no longer the case. By the end, Hamilton was just six seconds behind the winner.

We also got to see a perfect illustration of why Hamilton might be the greatest of all time. While Perez and Leclerc were duking it out, Hamilton snuck past on the inside. It was, without a doubt, the best overtake of the race. Well done, Sir Hamilton.

Unfortunately, George Russell was one of the unlucky ones caught in the first-lap crash. It ends his streak of finishing within the top five of every race so far. He remains in fifth place in the driver's standings, 18 points ahead of Hamilton.

Mercedes-Benz AG
Mercedes-Benz AG

Carlos Sainz Jnr For The Win

If you read our F1 reports regularly, you'll note we don't include the junior part of his name. Their parents' accomplishments often overshadow drivers from racing families. If you don't know who Carlos' dad is, you need to do some reading.

Sainz struggled to get to grips with his Ferrari at the beginning of the season, but in the last few races, the two finally found each other. Sainz gave Verstappen hell during the final laps of the Canadian Grand Prix, eventually finishing less than a second behind the reigning world champion.

Sainz had to wait for 150 races to win one, and it was a convincing victory. He finished roughly four seconds ahead of Sergio Perez.

We'll never use the junior bit again, Carlos. You are no longer the son of rally legend Carlos Sainz. You are F1 winner, Carlos Sainz.

Scuderia Ferrari
Scuderia Ferrari
Scuderia Ferrari
Scuderia Ferrari

Mick Finally Scores Points

Mick Schumacher also lives under a vast shadow cast by his father, a seven-time world champion.

It's clear Mick has talent. Mostly, he's kept his nose clean, but he has made some rookie mistakes. That's just part of the game. For a while, it seemed as if everything was against poor Mick. He'd work his way into the points, only for his car to fail. There was also the unfortunate collision with Sebastian Vettel, but that seems to be forgiven. Seb was one of the first to congratulate the German on scoring four points.

Now there's only one driver left with no points on the board. Nicholas Latifi, who stunned everyone by making it to the third qualifying session, still needs to place tenth or higher.

Haas F1 Team/Facebook
Haas F1 Team/Facebook

McLaren And Lando Norris

Before the racing weekend started, McLaren revealed that it had burned through its budget and that no more improvements could be made to it. That was bad news, considering both cars finished outside the points at the Canadian Grand Prix.

That leaves the door open for Alpine and Alfa Romeo to easily claim McLaren's fourth spot. Fourth place is the best the rest of the grid can hope for, with Mercedes and Ferrari in the 200s and Red Bull on 328 points. The rest of the pack has yet to reach 100 points.

McLaren is currently in fourth on 73 points, but Alpine is just six points behind. Alfa Romeo is sixth on 51 points.

The crash at the start of the race worked in McLaren's favor with a trio of drivers forced out of the race. Bottas then retired with a gearbox issue while Ocon and his Alpine also scored a DNF. This gave McLaren an opportunity to score some valuable points to widen the gap.

Lando Norris drove like a boss, finishing in sixth place. Fernando Alonso finished fifth, scoring points for Alpine. McLaren's other driver, Daniel Ricciardo, could not get the job done and finished 13th. We don't know what's going on with Danny Ric. McLaren named a 720S after him after a brilliant one-two at Monza last year, but it has been downhill from there.

If McLaren wants to stay in fourth place, Ricciardo needs to bring it. Alfa Romeo and Alpine are exceptionally strong this year. It's going to take a miracle to keep them off McLaren's tail.


The Current Standings

Despite Verstappen's misfortunes this weekend, Red Bull remains the dominant force in F1. It leads the constructor's championship with 328 points. Ferrari is its nearest rival on 265 points. Mercedes-Benz has managed to accrue 204 points by being consistent, but now that the car is competitive, it's going to be interesting to see if it can cause some damage at the top.

Max Verstappen remains at the top, 43 points ahead of Charles Leclerc. In second place, we have Sergio Perez on 147 points. That's just 34 points behind his teammate.

Those hoping for another showdown between Verstappen and Hamilton can almost certainly forget about it. Hamilton is 88 points behind, which means he has to win three races where Verstappen scores no points just to catch up. Even with a car down on power, Verstappen still scored six valuable points.

Red Bull Content Pool
Red Bull Content Pool
Red Bull Content Pool

At Silverstone, Russell, Albon, Hamilton, and Norris had the home team advantage.

This weekend we return to Red Bull's turf in Austria. The Red Bull Ring is located in Austria, and it is another masterpiece of a track. While it's technically not the home race of either Red Bull driver, it is the team's spiritual home.

It will be interesting to see whether Verstappen's car only suffered damage to the floor and whether that damage impacted the powertrain. We heard via the radio discussions that the car would be down on power, but it was probably just a precaution to save the power unit.

Red Bull suffered catastrophic engine failures earlier this season, so we know a grid penalty is looming. Will Red Bull hold off as long as it can, or will it take the plunge while the team is still in good shape?

We'll know in less than a week.

Red Bull Content Pool
Red Bull Content Pool
Red Bull Content Pool

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