The Bronco And Ranger Are Charging Back To Reclaim Ford's Lost Ground

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Ford is stronger than ever and is gunning for the throne.

Recently we reported that the Ford Bronco and Ranger could be making a comeback to Ford dealerships, but now the auto news is set in stone according to the latest contract between Ford and the United Auto Workers union (UAW). The contract outlines over $9 billion dollars of investment that Ford will make. It seems that $700 million dollars of that will be invested into a Michigan assembly line that will churn out an Americanized version of the Ford Ranger and eventually will also build the all-new Ford Bronco.

New Broncos haven't been in Ford dealerships since 1996 and the Ranger went extinct in America in 2011. Low gas prices and the huge success of the F-150 likely swayed Ford executives to reintroduce these cars back to the Americans. The Bronco would compete with the popular Jeep Wrangler while the Ranger would reclaim some of the ground that Ford lost to the Chevrolet Colorado. The investment will also have the effect of creating or retaining 8,500 American jobs as well as adding to the R&D cash pile to develop new engines, transmissions, and engineer more aluminum-based Fords. Ford's investment is the automaker's own way of sharing the wealth it has acquired from its recent record-breaking quarter.

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