The Brubaker Box Van Has its Own Shaggin' Couch

It's like Studio 54 on wheels - minus the coke.

We’ll be honest and say that we’ve never heard of the Brubaker Box until now. It’s a fiberglass-bodied, funky-looking van built on the chassis of the original Volkswagen Beetle. It just screams 1970s record-spinning, beach going, psychedelic fun. Apparently some even consider it to be one of, if not the first, minivan. Well, maybe not quite, but it definitely was inspired from the old VW Minibus. So what kind of person today would want to drive a Brubaker Box?

A South California DJ who spins records for a living, that’s who. Take one look at this fiberglass and now fully restored funk mobile and you’ll immediately understand why it receives plenty of stares. Most are probably wondering something like "What the hell is that thing?!" It’s a shagging van from the 70s – with wooden bumpers.

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