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The Bugatti Chiron Centuria Is Ridiculously Overpriced

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The $18 million Bugatti La Voiture Noire paved the way for this.

It was a milestone moment when Bugatti built a single copy of the La Voiture Noire and sold it for $18 million. Up until then, automakers had been dipping their toes into the one-off and limited-run special edition market, seeing how much they could charge for cars like the Koenigsegg One:1 and Lamborghini Veneno. But no automaker had really dared to let its price tags venture that far into the realm of absurdity until the La Voiture Noire came along.

And now that the bridge has been crossed, you can expect automakers and tuners to be taking the wraps off new cars with ridiculous price tags at an increasing rate. One member of the latter party is Mansory, which has plenty of experience customizing ultra-rare cars and charging a premium for the privilege of owning them.

Following the release of the Chiron-based La Voiture Noire, Mansory took the wraps off its own custom Chiron, the Centuria, at this year's Geneva Motor Show. Mansory has always been a little on the crazy side, at best sticking its nose up at good taste by giving its creations crazy carbon fiber body kits and color schemes that could make a blind man cringe and at worst, completely ruining a good car. But the Centuria takes things to another level.

It gets a bespoke carbon fiber kit that's supposed to improve the car's aerodynamics with help from redeveloped side skirts, which supposedly "link the two axles aerodynamically," a revised front apron and rear diffuser, bigger air intakes behind the doors and over the bonnet, a redesigned rear wing profile, air outlets over the front wheels, and carbon fiber wheels wrapped in Bugatti's special high-speed tires.

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The interior is also classic Mansory, boasting a visually loud color scheme with a quilting pattern embroidered onto the "high-quality leather" seats. For its work, Mansory apparently thinks it can charge the price of an entire Chiron, because it's looking for a buyer willing to shell out £4 million ($6.35 million at today's rates) for the Bugatti Chiron Centuria.

Yeah, that means that you could buy two Chirons for the price of this Bugatti that's been ruined by Mansory.