The Bugatti Chiron Convertible Is Coming, But Should It Look Like This?

Will it copy the Grand Sport design or be a whole new animal?

Even before the Chiron debuted at the Geneva Motor Show, rumors about subsequent variants of the hypercar had begun. And after deliveries of the coupe begin later this year, the French carmaker will turn its attention to a drop-top model. Initial reports suggested the targa top Chiron would feature carbon-fiber roof panels complete with a “T-bar” connecting the windshield to the rear end, while subsequent reports suggested the Chiron convertible would feature a removable glass roof.

An inside source close the original Chiron project has tipped us that the convertible will closely follow what Bugatti did with the Veyron when creating the Grand Sport, but with the central fin one of the most dramatic and elegant features of the Chiron (and a nod to the seam on the Type 57SC Atlantic), we’d lean towards the designers maintaining it for the Chiron’s “Grand Sport” equivalent when it arrives in 2018. Our rendering artist knocked up a couple of images with and without the T-top design. Which do you prefer and which do you think will make the cut?

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