The Bugatti Chiron Has Been Transformed Into A Superyacht


The Bugatti Niniette 66 is built for those that demand ultra-exclusivity.

For most people, the Bugatti Chiron represents the pinnacle of exclusivity. Only 500 will be built over its 8-year lifespan and entry to the club is 2.5 million Euros. Yet there will always be those that want to be on the VVIP list, and this is where the Chiron-inspired superyacht comes in. Built by Bugatti with the help of Palmer Johnson, the Niniette 66 is named after a speedboat that Bugatti built in 1930 and is the nickname Ettore Bugatti gave to his youngest daughter.

The yacht boasts the same C-shaped side line or “Bugatti line” as the Chiron and is available in a two-tone color scheme to match the hypercar with an exposed carbon-fiber hull. The open deck features leather and carbon fiber, decking in naturally blue morta oak (or a host of other woods), and there’s a hot tub with a champagne bar (obviously) accompanied by a nearby fire pit, sun pad and social areas. Step inside, and there are further nods to the Chiron with the car’s horseshoe front grille adorning the wall overlooking free-flowing, sculptured seating and a smattering of marble. The bedroom features similar styling and comes complete with a double bed.

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Designed for two people, the yacht also features a large sofa bed should guests be invited onboard. Power comes from a 1,000-hp 16.2-liter Man V8 engine rated at 44 knots and capable of a top speed beyond 50 mph. An optional 1,200-hp engine produces 48 knots and gets the 66-foot yacht to 55 mph. Only 66 units of the Bugatti Niniette will be built, with exact prices, estimated to start from $1.8 million, given upon request.