The Bugatti Chiron Still Drops Jaws At Geneva A Year After Its Debut

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We can't wait to see it hard at work on the test track.

While it may not be built to rip Nurburgring records off the wall, the Bugatti Chiron is the world's hypercar ambassador. That fact of Bugatti life may be why the car has been hard to keep out of the news cycle lately, with recent reports suggesting that half of the Chiron crop has already been sold off right after a story debuted by the automaker detailing how the hypercar is built. Though we've already seen it at last year's Geneva Motor Show, the car caught our eye again this year.

Of course we had to take stop and snap pictures of it in part because we have no shame and because, well, just look at it. Styled after the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo Concept we saw at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Chiron looks more subdued compared to the concept and shares a bit more of its styling cues with the Veyron. Up front is the same horseshoe grille with horizontal slats for lights. The C-shaped line in its midsection separates the front half of the car to the rear, which is fitting given that the car comes in two parts and, at least in the case of the Veyron, is bolted together by 14 titanium bolts each costing more than $100 (a steal compared to the price of the rest of the components).

Given that the Veyron was such a huge leap forward for the car world, the Chiron will be an evolutionary step forward rather than a revolutionary one. That's perfectly okay with us and Bugatti's customers because as a luxury grand tourer that happens to double as one of the world's fastest cars (we suspect the Chiron will outdo its successor once Bugatti okays a high-speed test run), it's morphed to become more of a status symbol for the rich than a museum piece. In either case we just want top see this thing open up and show us what it's really made of. For now, you, as we are, will have to feast your eyes on this gorgeous $2.6 million blue carbon masterpiece. Pictures courtesy of Hampshire Photography.

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