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The Bugatti Chiron Welcome Party Included One Of The Most Rare Veyrons

Fast art is when a famous artist paints on a fast and rare car.

Bugatti is one of the few car companies that sell the most rare cars in the world, yet still thinks that its cars need to be even more special. A slew of special edition Bugattis such as the SS World Record Edition are proof of this, but even that is too common for the Bugatti Veyron Venet. The one-off hypercar has been painted by French artist Bernar Venet and combines mathematical formulas with artistic paint splatter to create a truly beautiful car.

It has never been captured with all of its angles exposed until now, when it made an appearance at a Dutch Bugatti dealer during a presentation about the Chiron. Big thanks to Carspotter Jeroen for the video.

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