The Bugatti Chiron Will Star In This Week's Top Gear

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It's the Top Gear road test we've been waiting for: the Bugatti Chiron in Chris Harris's capable hands.

This year's series of Top Gear has been a triumphant return to form after last year's false start. The presenters are likeable, entertaining and informative. Most importantly, they're all extremely passionate about cars, and it shows on-screen. Chris Harris's enthusiasm is infectious when he pushes a car he loves to its limits like the Ferrari FXX K and Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrophilia. We can't imagine how he reacts when he gets behind the wheel of the Bugatti Chiron, but you can guarantee it will plant an enormous smile on his face.

This week's episode has been one of our most-anticipated, because the beastly Bugatti Chiron will be making its first TV appearance. We were hoping the 1,479-horsepower hypercar would feature in The Grand Tour, but that sadly didn't happen. The second series of the Amazon series isn't due to start until later this year, so Top Gear will have beaten them by a few months.

Either way, we're sure Chris Harris will do the Chiron justice, even if he doesn't get to max out its top speed. When the Bugatti Veyron made its Top Gear debut 12 years ago, the team staged a memorable race to London with Clarkson in the Veyron against Hammond and May in a Cessna plane. According to the show synopsis, it looks like the new show will be honoring the tradition, pitting Harris in the Chiron against LeBlanc and a "roster of money-no-object transport solutions" in a race across the Arabian Peninsula. We even get to see LeBlanc riding a Ducatti 1299 Superleggera in the trailer – Clarkson's disdain for bikes meant they were practically banned from featuring in the show before.

Elsewhere, Rory Reid will be testing a more down to earth car. Harris gets to thrash the Chiron, while LeBlanc dressed up as James Bond and drove an Aston Martin DB11 last week. Reid, on the other hand, will be testing…a Renault Twingo GT hatchback. We think he drew the short straw there, somehow. Still, because this is Top Gear this won't be a conventional road test, as the team will be using a trio of Twingos to stage an elaborate game of real-life Pac-Man. That should be interesting.

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