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The Bugatti Divo Suddenly Got a Whole Lot More Expensive

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$5.8-million suddenly seems like a bargain compared to this.

The 1,479 horsepower Bugatti Divo is the leaner, quicker, better-handling version of the already stupendously capable Chiron. Think of it as the automotive equivalent of the $6-million-dollar man, since that is just about what Bugatti was asking for the 40 units they plan to build.

Sounds like a rather big jump from the Chiron, which costs a comparatively paltry £3-million yet has the same engine with the same power output. Clearly, we know nothing about what constitutes good value at the upper echelons of the hypercar world because all 40 units were pre-sold in a single day and most likely to customers who already had a Chiron in their garage.

Now one of Germany's most popular car sales websites, mobile.de has a Divo listed for the equivalent of $8.95-million which includes their 19 percent VAT. This is not for a diamond-encrusted special-edition Divo or some unique one-off variant but for what appears to be an as yet unbuilt car.

We say 'appears to be' as the advert lists a total mileage of 20 km (12 miles) but then goes on to say that the car will be ready for delivery at some point at the end of 2019.

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Typo or not, the asking price is a rather healthy $3-million more than what Bugatti was asking for, that markup alone could get you a brand-new Chiron or around ten Ferrari 488s. It will be interesting to see whether someone out there is willing to pay such a premium to join that exclusive club of 40 owners.

The Divo may have been honed to be the ultimate track machine but whether a car worth this kind of money will ever turn a wheel in anger on a race track is unlikely. Then again, perhaps just having one sitting menacingly in your lounge on a rotating stand will be enough, it is hard to fathom the minds of the ultra-wealthy.