The Bugatti Veyron Is Being Recalled: This Does Not Bode Well For The Chiron

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How can a $1.7 million dollar car fall apart so easily?

We need to take a moment and give a shout out to all of the automotive engineers out there. Not only do they have to solve headache-inducing problems to get society running properly, but they need to make complex mechanical and natural systems idiot-proof. This means being intelligent enough to craft breakthrough designs and methods to execute them, but then trying to put themselves into the shoes of less intellectually gifted individuals and foresee problems.


It's a tough job. So tough in fact that not even the engineers credited with building one of the most technologically advanced cars of all time got it right as three Veyron recalls have just went out. The first problem is with the fuel gauge and it affects 72 Veyrons (2006-2010) and Grand Sports (2010-2011). Apparently the needle cant keep up with the 8.0-liter W16's appetite because some Veyron engines have been dying from lack of fuel while the gauge still shows that there is fuel left in the tank. The second problem involves 13 Veyrons (2006-2008) and stems from the positive battery cable and its connection to the alternator. The metal on the terminal and the cable can corrode and cause things to overheat, which is bad when you already need 10 radiators.

Last but not least is an issue with the aluminum jacking plates that reside on the aluminum monocoque chassis of 87 Veyrons (2006-2010), Grand Sports (2010-2012) and Super Sports (2011-2013). These can detach from the car and fall onto the road where motorists who are more focused on taking pictures of the Veyron for Snapchat than they are on driving can strike them. While this problem doesn't pose an immediate safety concern for Veyron owners, it's disheartening to think that a car that has a base price over $1.7 million dollars can just start to fall apart during normal driving conditions. These issues are likely of little concern for Veyron owners, but hopefully Bugatti's engineers got these things right on the Chiron.


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