The Bugatti Veyron Was Everything It Needed To Be And So Much More

450 examples later and production has ended.

Our friends at XCAR refer to it as the original hypercar. That couldn’t be more spot-on. Say what you will about the Bugatti Veyron, but it was without question one-of-a-kind. A few competitors came about over the years, but none of them have captured the household name status the Veyron achieved. But now production has ended, with a total of 450 examples built since 2005. Unless you attended a major auto show, chances are slight you happened to see one on the road.

The Veyron will always be special because it reestablished the Bugatti brand, despite being a financial drain for parent company Volkswagen. Although it’s retired, the Veyron has rightly earned its place in automotive history.

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