The Bugatti Vision GT Could Be The Best-Sounding Video Game Car Ever


Hell, it might even cause the Chiron to look over its shoulder.

The Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo is one of those rare cars that demands attention no matter what it's doing. Of course all those eyes focused on the concept are perfectly warranted as this thing is pure insanity, and because there's only one of these in the world. Still, the attention is sometimes a bit silly. Take this video, which has 2.2 million views and only shows the Vision GT slowly moving and idling. If that video did so well then how will this one do? It features Bugatti's video-game-car-turned-real-life-monster revving its little heart out.

That "little heart" isn't actually so little, of course. It's a W16 engine and the sound it makes is pretty damn sweet. But is it better than the Chiron? We won't even begin to fan those flames.

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