The Buick Avista Concept Is So Gorgeous It Made The Camaro Team Jealous?

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A little drama inside GM?

Last January in Detroit we were on hand to see Buick proudly reveal its striking Avista coupe concept. Along with just about everyone else, we want GM to go ahead with a production version. Well, almost everyone else. GM Inside News has gotten word from an inside source that the Camaro's design team had no clue the Avista was coming to the show, only seeing it for the first time as its reveal. Basically, Team Camaro supposedly didn't even know the project existed was caught off guard.

In fact, they may have seen the Avista as sort of a threat, specifically to the new sixth-gen Camaro SS. Why? Because both cars appeal to the same general demographic (well-to-do older buyers), assuming there'd ever be a production Avista. Oh, they're also built on the same rear-wheel-drive platform. GM Inside News, after hearing about this supposed inter-GM jealousy, rightly reached out to Buick for comment. Buick's brand communications manager, Stuart Fowle, replied: "We don't comment on future products as you know, but we've never suggested that the car does or does not have future plans. Others in the media certainly have, but we haven't."

An earlier report claimed that Buick won't build the Avista because its largest market, China, doesn't like coupes and prefers sedans, if there were a four-door version. Still, Fowle's statement above indicates the Avista may still have a future. Team Camaro, however, may not be thrilled with that.


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