The Buick Verano: Designed for Luxury and the Accommodation of Ponytails. Seriously.

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A Buick Verano designed for comfort for all the ladies out their with 'up-dos.' Whatever that is.

In the spirit of news that seems almost too funny to be true, it turns out that the new Buick Verano was built to "Set high standards for seat comfort." And for women with ponytails. As one of the most unique marketing methods we have seen lately, General Motors have really outdone themselves in their latest press release package for the Buick Verano.

According to their infographic and subsequent press release, their new seats took "at least 1,000 hours" to develop and incorporate technology to prevent hot spots and "accommodate ponytails without compromising postural comfort." Of the new seats, Verano program engineering manager Brain Schell said "When we set out to design a comfortable interior for Verano our goal was for customers to feel like vacation begins as soon as they get in the car, and not when they reach their destination. By making comfort our first priority, we were able to create seats that will make customers feel more at ease and connected to the car."

The new Buick Verano costs $23,470 off the lot, however you can't put a price on up-do comfort. Enjoy, ladies, this Buicks for you.

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