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The C3 Corvette Ended its Career Like an Atlantic City Call Girl

It was nothing more than high displacement and low power.

190 horsepower. That was the final output of the C3 Chevrolet Corvette before it ended its life cycle. Think about that. 190 ponies. That’s just pathetic. Even today’s Subaru BRZ, which many complain as being underpowered, is more powerful. But this is a Corvette we’re talking about here. It’s America’s gold standard sports car, and Chevrolet allowed the C3 to end on an extremely low note.

However, it must be told, the late 70s was not exactly the best time for high outputs, considering that whole gas crisis and all. But still, the C3 started out its long life in 1968 with plenty of power and appeal. By 1982, it was a shell of its former self; underpowered and horribly outdated.

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