The C6 Corvette Shared the Cobalt's Steering Wheel

Yet another example of the "old GM's" cheapness.

Yes, there was a time when Chevrolet, or GM for that matter, literally went out of its way to be cheap.Today’s GM is leaps and bounds better when it comes to build quality and model uniqueness. Timely recalls regarding defective ignition switches, well, that’s another thing entirely. But anyway, the C6 Corvette debuted in 2005 with – gasp! – exposed headlights. Many fans were furious, but they also conveniently forgot that the original C1 Corvette itself had exposed units.

While the C6 wasn’t perfect, it still carried the "Plastic Fantastic" nickname proudly. Today’s C7 is a dramatic improvement, but the C6 had its charms. The crew from Regular Car Reviews, as crude as ever, hops into a C6, and even points out that it shares a steering wheel with the Cobalt. Hey, at least it’s not an ignition switch.

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