The C8 Corvette Has Already Had Its Wheels Stolen

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The theft occurred in Detroit. Now that's Pure Michigan.

Chevrolet's all-new C8 Corvette has been on the market for all of about five minutes, and already, someone has stolen the wheels off of one of the rear-mid-engine sports cars and left it on cinder blocks in Detroit, Michigan. The car was spotted in Detroit's West Village neighborhood by a reader of Car and Driver, who snapped a photo and sent it in to that publication.

Instances of wheel theft are relatively common in many areas of the country, especially on vehicles where there is a large market of potential buyers, and while few C8 Corvettes have yet made their way into the wild, we're sure the new design would look marvelous on any C7. Not to give you any ideas.

Factory wheels - especially nicer ones like those used on the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette - can command a decent price on the used market. This car appears to be a standard model, not a Z51, yet still, its all-season tires probably cost in the vicinity of $1,000. Add to that the value of the wheels themselves - likely in the thousands - and you're looking at a pretty substantial total value.

Again, not to give you any ideas.

If there is a takeaway from this incident, it might be this: it's ill-advised to street-park a brand-new sportscar in Detroit - as it is in many other cities, for that matter.

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Or, it might be that a set of wheel locks, priced at just $90 plus tax from the factory, is money well-spent. Insurance will likely cover the full cost of replacing this C8's wheels and tires, but still more parts and repair work will likely be needed as the cinder blocks have almost certainly done some lasting damage to the Corvette's paintwork.

Resting the rear of the car on the ground as the thieves here have has undoubtedly done some damage, too.

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