C8 Corvette Stingray Has A Serious Side Mirror Issue

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It's a quick fix, but not covered by the warranty.

Chevrolet is having serious supply issues with the Corvette.

As a result, most people are turning to the used market, and now you have an additional problem to look out for. In addition to dealers charging Porsche 911 Turbo money for used examples, you might also want to keep an eye out for a dodgy aftermarket radar detector installation.

GM is trying its best to protect customers from the pricing problem. But this is a separate issue, and since vehicle damage as a result of aftermarket installations is not covered under warranty, you're on your own with the radar problem.

The issue is not the radar detector itself but rather what the poor installation of the said unit may do to the driver's side view mirror.

GM TechLink
GM TechLink

According to GM's TechLink customer care and aftersales publication, the side mirror on some 2020 to 2022 models will have poor performance and a broken appearance that looks like numerous lines scattered across the inside of the mirror.

It depends on the installation location of the aftermarket radar device. If installed incorrectly, it sends a higher voltage to the side mirror, which causes the damage shown in the photograph.

If you pick this up on a used car, the fix is relatively simple. The radar detector is most likely connected to a jumper harness located in the panel above the interior rearview mirror. All you need to do is disconnect the jumper harness and replace the broken side view mirror.

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This is something you could use as a bargaining chip during the deal, but given the current demand, there might be somebody else willing to buy the car even with the glaring fault.

The C8 parts basket does not include the price of a side mirror, but since it's heated, power-adjustable, and houses a light for blind-spot monitoring, it likely won't be cheap.

You might think the solution is buying a new Z06, but you'll be lucky if you can get one of those before 2025.

Speaking of the C8's electrical system, GM infamously made it challenging to get into the Corvette's ECU. Although tuners thought it would be easy, even a company as large as Hennessey had to ask for GM's help to tune the new 'Vette.

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