The California T Isn't The Only Ferrari Being Recalled For A Fire Risk

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Turns out there's a second one, too.

Certain Ferraris, notably the 458 Italia, have a history of catching on fire. Not long after the 458 hit the streets, several owners in various countries ended up watching their beloved new supercar burn to the ground. The problem was an adhesive used in the rear wheel arch assembly that overheated and therefore allowed the rear wheel housing heat shields to move around. Basically, glue caught on fire. After that debacle, Ferrari isn't taking any chances.

Only a few days ago we learned that certain California Ts were being recalled due to a fire risk; there could be a possible fuel leak in the engine compartment due a faulty fuel line. But the California T, as it turns out, isn't the only Ferrari plagued with this issue. The newly launched 488 GTB is the second victim (both are powered by the same 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8, although with different outputs). While California T owners have already been notified, affected 488 GTBs will be fixed before they're even sold to any US customers. Instead, Ferrari has issued a stop sale order for all 488s until they can be repaired with a new fuel system part.

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