The Camaro Once Again Take Last Place In The Muscle Car Wars


Is the Dodge Challenger really a threat to steal second this year?

In the automotive industry the end of the month/beginning of the month is a great time for the media as automakers release sales numbers. Our favorite figures to dive into concern America's big three muscle cars: the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger. For almost two years now the conversation hasn't been about the top spot-that's Ford's to lose. No, the battle for first loser has been more interesting. For the month of June that spot goes to the Challenger, with the Camaro finishing third for the second month in a row.

For June of 2016 the Mustang sold 9,776 units. Ford has already racked up 62,965 Mustang sales halfway through the year. A total of 5,479 Challengers were sold in June, far off the Mustang's pace but easily enough to beat out the Camaro. Chevy sold 4,969 Camaros in June. Coming in last sucks, but what's more distressing is the fact that consumers don't seem to be responding well at all to the sixth-gen. Torque News crunched the numbers and found that Camaro sales in June 2016 were down 42% compared to sales in June 2015. Keep in mind that last year only the fifth-generation model was available. Now that the new one is out people don't seem to care all that much. So, what gives?

We don't think it has to do with pricing or the Camaro's quality. It could be something much simpler, such as the fact that the fifth-gen and sixth-gen kind of look alike. Yes, the new Camaro has lost weight and features a sharpened and tighter exterior design, but it doesn't exactly look like an all-new car from the outside. Some consumers judge a car's newness by what they can see, not what's under the hood and metal. These sales figures truly are confounding, especially given the sales success of the fifth-gen Camaro. If you have a better idea as to why Dodge is starting to pull away from Chevy let us know in the comments.

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