The Camaro Outsold The Mustang Again And This Time It Wasn't Even Close

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Is the Camaro about to go on another five-year sales winning streak?

Last month the Chevrolet Camaro barely beat out the Ford Mustang to become America's top-selling muscle car. The Camaro has once again beaten the Mustang, and in October it wasn't even close; Chevy won September by just 148 sales. Last month GM's muscle car sold 6,277 units, whereas the Blue Oval's only sold 5,414. Dodge brought up the rear with 4,127 Challenger sales. October 2015 was a better month for every automaker aside from Chevrolet, which saw an increase in monthly sales of 18.7% from a year ago.


The Mustang continued its monthly tumble, with October 2016's sales 46.4% worse than October 2015's (5,514 cars sold versus 10,096). Dodge was also down, by 24%, but the good news is that its year-to-date sales are only down 3% from this time last year. By contrast Camaro sales are down 9% and Mustang sales have dropped 12.8% when compared to October 2015's year-to-date numbers. While Chevy crushed Ford in October it must be noted that Mustang production was idled for a week during the month. Ford also seems to be adjusting its sales expectations which means the 'Stang sales drop may not be an aberration so much as a sign of things to come.

Remember that it wasn't so long ago that the Mustang was the perpetual runner-up. From 2009-2014 Chevy had a five-year win streak going. Then the new Mustang came along and started a 22-month streak of its own. Perhaps the pendulum has once again swung the other way? It certainly looks that way to us. Overall muscle car sales are down, as you've heard us say hundreds of times, but we'd be feeling a bit antsy if we were Ford. As for Dodge, well it should just be excited that its retro, Titanic-sized muscle car isn't doing so badly in 2016. Perhaps sales will jump once the all-wheel-drive Challenger GT hits the market.

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