The Camouflaged Wing On This Mercedes-AMG GT R Test Mule Is The Cutest Thing Ever

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Is the camo wing a factory option?

When it comes to testing an unreleased car, most manufacturers opt for full body camouflage, with some even opting to attach body panels from other models. That is not the case with this particular Mercedes-AMG GT R test mule. Mercedes has opted to simply camouflage the rear wing and nothing else (so cute!). Joking aside, what we are seeing here is an example of late stage development. Obviously Mercedes engineers didn't like something with the rear wing and are attempting to change it last minute.

The rear wing on the 2017 GT R is part of a full aerodynamic package that works in conjunction with an active flap on the front of the car. When engaged, the flap on the front works with the rear wing to provide more downforce and better traction for the front tires. We can't wait to see the full production version of the GT R: it is going to be one mean machine.

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