The Canadians Developed An Electric Pickup Truck Before Tesla Did


Meet the Bison. It can handle Canadian winters like a badass.

The race is already on to successfully develop and launch an all-electric pickup truck. Tesla has acknowledged it’s working on such a vehicle, but another literally unknown company has seemingly beaten Elon Musk to the punch. Oh, and it’s Canadian. Ontario-based Havelaar, which is backed by a consortium of Dutch, Chinese and Canadian partners, has revealed the Bison at the EMC Show in Toronto. The Bison has an all-wheel drive powertrain that can more than handle those rough Canadian winters as well as rough terrain.

It features a dual-motor design with total output rated at 220 hp and 376 lb-ft of torque. The prototype you’re looking at features a 40 kWh battery pack, with an estimated 0-60 mph performance time of about six seconds. Top speed is electronically limited to 60 mph. However, the production-spec Bison will offer a choice between a 50 kWh and 90 kWh pack, so the final output and performance numbers are likely to be higher. Havelaar claims the top-end 90 kWh Bison will be capable of a 186-mile range. Total curb weight will be no more than 5,236 pounds. Ground clearance is also respectable at 9.8 inches.

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Exterior cargo space comes in at 46 cubic feet and there’s an additional 18 cubic feet of lockable storage. The exterior styling is quite angular, and the body is built around a high-strength steel chassis. Also note the interior's Tesla-esque central touchscreen. The first 100 production models, due in late 2020, will be solely for fleet operators and cities. However, the consumer version will supposedly hit the market in 2021, starting at around $45,000. For the record, Elon Musk has already declared the Tesla pickup truck will debut within the next two years.