The Cars of "Dazed and Confused"

You just gotta keep livin' man, L-I-V-I-N.

Last year was the 20th anniversary of "Dazed and Confused," without question one of the greatest movies of the 90s. Hell, we’ll just go ahead and say it’s one of the greatest flicks ever for gearheads, music lovers and movie buffs. And, of course, it’s so damn quotable. But for now we’re going to focus on the cars from the film. After our "Cars of Pulp Fiction" piece, some readers suggested to profile this one too. It took place in the 70s, a time when horsepower ruled and no one gave a shit about emissions.

So what if the planet was being polluted, driving around with your friends with no particular place to go was all that mattered. And hey, hey, hey, hey, watch leather man. Dammit, just got distracted by a great line. Here are a couple more: -Let me tell you what Melba Toast is packin' right here, all right. We got 4:11 Positrac outback, 750 double pumper, Edelbrock intake, bored over 30, 11 to 1 pop-up pistons, turbo-jet 390 horsepower. We're talkin' some fuckin' muscle. -George Washington was in a cult, and the cult was into aliens, man.

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