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The Charmed Life of Classic Fiat Ownership

It may not be the easiest car to maintain, but this old Fiat gives life plenty of extra charm.

Talking about a vintage Italian car, such as this Fiat 2300 S Coupe, with an authentic Italian accent is just classy. Not that other accents are bad, but there’s a certain passion in owner and Milan resident Pierantonio Micciarelli’s voice. And who could blame him? He owns and drives this lovely Fiat 2300 S Coupe – but only during nighttime hours. You see, Italy has a law that forbids classic cars from being on the road during the day due to pollution concerns.

It’s a damn shame, but Micciarelli still manages to find time and ways to drive his old Fiat as much as possible. And his real dream? To ship the car to the US for a cross-country road trip. That’s genuine car guy commitment right there.

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