The Charred Remains Of Jon Olsson's Audi RS6 Look Absolutely Nasty

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Blame the gunmen.

Late last week we learned that a certain Audi RS6 Avant formerly owned by professional free skier Jon Olsson was stolen. It wasn't just any old car theft. Two gunmen pulled up in an Amsterdam tunnel where the car was being filmed for promotional purposes and did their thing. It involved guns and pointing them at people. The gunmen ditched their VW van and sped off in the RS6. Dutch police were soon in pursuit but it was too late by the time they caught up with the robbers. The 1,000+ HP RS6 was found abandoned and burnt to a black crisp.

And now Olsson has posted images of those remains to his Twitter account. Why did the armed robbers set fire to the car? To cover their tracks. They panicked. And now they've ended up with nothing.

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