The Chevrolet Camaro Is An Absolute Steal In The US

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That is, in comparison with the prices the Brits have to put up with.

The claim that a Camaro that costs nearly $30,000 (or nigh-on $40k for the SS model) is good value probably ranks as egregious at first glance, but do hear us out for a moment. For sure, its main Mustang rival does undercut it a fair bit in quite a few instances, but buyers in the US do get a helluva lot of car for the money - even before you start looking at the more premium alternatives. That's especially the case when you compare the Camaro's pricing structure in other countries, with the Brits probably getting one of the sharpest stick ends of all.

For instance, the sole official UK vendor of Camaros in the country is offering its most affordable version of Chevrolet's pony car (the 275-hp turbo-four model with an automatic transmission) for a base price of £31,755. That doesn't sound too unreasonable on paper, but that does mean British buyers will be paying the equivalent of $41,000 to get a Camaro that's slower than the substantially cheaper Ford Mustang EcoBoost and has the steering wheel on what's for them the wrong side of the car. Likewise, those who plump for the £37,000 V8-powered SS model are spending the equivalent of what we'd fork out for an entry-level Chevrolet SS sedan. Yeah, the exchange rates and import fees really screw it for the Brits.

That value for money argument also carries over when you exchange the American market car's MSRP to British quids. If Chevrolet directly converted our dollar price into pounds for the UK market, the Camaro SS would start at around £30,000 - which is roughly where prices for the entry-level diesel Audi TT start in Britain. Better still, the turbocharged Camaro converts rather nicely into £21,000, with this hypothetical scenario resulting in a marketplace where a 275-hp performance coupe can be had for roughly the same amount of moolah as a decently specified Fiat 124 Spider. Factor in Chevrolet's decision to not ship the ZL1 to the UK, and it very much comes across that we're taking for granted an incredibly good deal with the current Camaro.


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