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The Chevrolet Corvette Is Discounted By 10 Percent For America's Birthday

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Hot dogs, apple pie and the Chevrolet Corvette.

Over the past few months Chevrolet has been offering some attractive discounts on its iconic Corvette. Considering it's more of a niche vehicle, the C7 Corvette has managed to hold its own, and offers world class performance and handling for a bargain price. And that price tag has been reduced by 10 percent off MSRP this 4th of July Weekend. GM Authority notes that all 2017 Corvette models and trims share the same discounted price. Obviously it depends on how which trim is chosen, but buyers can save up to $8,800 with this discount alone.

In fact, Chevrolet is also currently offering other Corvette incentives. For example, there's also 0 percent financing for 60 months on base C7s and those equipped with the Z51 Performance Pack. It doesn't appear the 10 percent discount can be combined with the latter offer, which would be pretty darn sweet. Interested buyers will just have to pick which deal is best for them. There's also something of a surplus of Corvettes on dealership lots right now, so it may be possible to further negotiate for even better pricing. And just to remind everyone, the Corvette's Bowling Green production plant will be temporarily shutting down this summer for retooling and upgrades (C8 preparation).

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