The Chevrolet SS Is Suffering A Slow And Undeserved Death

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Is this any way to treat V8 muscle?

Like its Pontiac G8 predecessor, the Chevrolet SS is being discontinued with little fanfare and, sadly, very disappointing sales despite some excellent discounts. According to GM Authority, sales last month of the V8-powered SS sedan were down 57.8 percent compared to April 2016. Only 250 examples were sold in April 2017, even though Chevy offered 20 percent off every unit, roughly a $10,000 discount. However, in the first four months of this year, SS sales were actually up by 57.9 percent, but this appears to be flatlining.

If you recall, Chevy stopped taking orders from US dealerships for the SS back in February, so whatever is left on dealership lots is it. No more examples of the Australian-built muscle sedan will be built because, also quite sadly, the production facility closed entirely. The Australian market Holden Commodore sedan, Ute and Caprice, which all shared a common platform with the SS, are also dead. It's pretty sad this is the way SS is going out, considering there was a lot of excitement when it first hit the US market back in 2014. Sales were never great, but the fact that Chevy offered a V8-powered muscle sedan was a big deal.

Even with cheap gas prices, cheap credit, and great factory incentives, it appears the last few SS sedans will be sitting on dealership lots a bit longer than expected. And remember, once they're gone they're gone. The only full-size Chevy sedan you'll be able to buy is the front-wheel-drive, V6-powered Impala.

Mueller, General Motors

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