The Chevy Camaro's Interior Could Have Been So Much Better

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GM designer shows what could have been.

The Chevrolet Camaro still ticks a lot of the right boxes for muscle car fans. It looks good, provides plenty of horsepower for the money, and handles sharply. Unfortunately, sales of the sixth-generation Camaro have rapidly declined in recent years. And, even though Camaro sales jumped by over 60% in the second quarter of 2022 compared to the same period last year, it still trails far behind its Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger rivals. A few things hold the Camaro back, and one of them is its dated and cramped interior. But a certain General Motors designer has sketched a sporty interior that looks like it could breathe new life into the Camaro.

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The designer, Jonathan Kong, described his work as nothing more than an "early theme sketch from the Chevrolet performance studio" and didn't actually reference a particular Chevy model. However, the racy colors, use of a manual gear lever, and driver-centric design all scream sports car far louder than they do SUV or luxury sedan. Whereas the current Camaro's interior is let down by a few cheaper materials and a sporty but dated design, Kong's sketch couldn't be more different.

There is a fully digital dashboard, including a digital instrument cluster, and a squared-off design for the steering wheel. It's that stick shift that will excite enthusiasts most, though, as this remains a gearbox option for the current Camaro. While we aren't crazy about the lack of physical buttons, this is merely a conceptual sketch, after all.

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Peruse the comments from Chevy fans on social media in response to this sketch and you'll see a similar trend: everyone wants to know if this design could be for the next-generation Camaro. That's a car that may never see the light of day, or a new muscle car with the Camaro badge could appear with a fully electric powertrain. Nobody knows exactly what is to become of the Camaro, but a completely fresh interior could help the struggling muscle car close the sales gap between it and the Mustang/Challenger.

As for Dodge, it isn't wasting any time securing the future of its own muscle car, with an imminent reveal of an electric Challenger expected. We'd love to see the electric Challenger continue to do battle with its fellow American rival.

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