The Chicago Auto Show is Still Marching On

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Inaugurated in 1901, the Chicago Auto Show is still very much worth a visit.

One of the things that we love most here at CarBuzz is auto shows. In a way this is bizarre, since for us a car's main attraction is its dynamics and athleticism, its power and noise, its comforts and discomforts, and the indulgence we derive from driving them. In auto shows we get none of these pleasures. However, they have their own charisma, even when they are as renowned as the Chicago Auto Show. The cars from all segments, in different colors under the lights, turns us on even when neither a Ferrari nor a Lamborghini is present.

What can we do? We are car lovers, so even windy Chicago in the midst of winter is worth the effort. Chicago was always part mainstream of the American auto industry and in the early 20th century took part in the "automobile revolution." In 1895 the Duryea brothers, the pioneers of the American car, won in a vehicle bearing their name the first motor race in America, which was held in Chicago. They even beat three Benz cars to the finish line. At the time, the automotive landscape was full of small aspiring auto pioneers; none of them have made it to the 2012 Chicago Auto Show.

However, a few of them certainly showed up to the first Chicago Show that took place in 1901. In that year Henry Ford established the Henry Ford Company (which later became Cadillac). Two years later he established the Ford Motor Company, who has just unveiled the 2013 Shelby Mustang GT500 convertible in Chicago. There are probably a few differences between the Ford Motor Company then and now, to say the least, but the Chicago Auto Show is still marching on.

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