The China-Only "Linley" Edition Bentley Continental Flying Spur

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Ten privileged Chinese car enthusiasts are set to own an ultra-limited Linley Edition Flying Spur.

Bentley have jumped on board the China gravy-train and released a mere ten special edition versions of their Continental Flying Spur, safe in the knowledge they will get lapped up like a plate of noodles by a hungry Chinaman. Recently unveiled in London we can see the enhancements are purely cosmetic, albeit to a stunning quality. Instead of standard chestnut or walnut trim covering the console, fascia, waist-rail and roof console, this exclusive beauty is adorned in the finest Santos rosewood veneers.

Consideration for passengers, or perhaps forecasting the bulk of their ten buyers will never set foot behind the wheel, is evidenced by the Linley-inspired box housing a humidor, cigar cutter and ashtray fitted in the rear console, and the built-in fridge behind the armrest; an area designated for bottle storage has also been thoughtfully included. The intricate pattern of the marquetry inlaid Helix motif that has become Linley's trademark embellish the fold-down picnic tables and waist-rails using four wood types, and also features on the stainless steel tread plates and on the rhodium-plated plaque concealed in the glove box.

Collaborating with arguably the world's finest furniture manufacturer, Bentley asserts that the limited edition has incorporated "signature Linley elements that will appeal to customers who value pedigree, lineage, handcrafted quality and peerless design." Doubtless there will be a queue of anglophiles falling over themselves to own this quality highly customized British product.

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