The Chinese Clone the Ford F-150


A small Chinese car manufacturer has given their new truck a well-known shape – and similar badges.

Chinese car manufacturers are renowned for cloning foreign models, particularly Japanese cars. However the latest car to fall victim to this business procedure is the most popular truck in the world, the Ford F-150. The has recently published photographs of the new truck, which is set to be launched at the Beijing Motor Show in April. It's called the 4R3 and is produced by little-known JAC Motors. We're sure Ford is just thrilled at the moment.

Similarity amongst some cars is common and if and when Ford decides to pursue a legal case, it won't be easy to prove that the 4R3 is the F-150's direct clone. How come? The engine is only a 2.8-liter diesel unit with only 108hp and 177lb-ft of torque. The company is owned by the Chinese government. JAC Motors is a rather small fish in the huge Chinese automaker ocean; however it has sound export operations, particularly to Africa where its products are quite popular. In the past JAC was caught cloning a Chevrolet Silverado truck, which they called the Ruiling.

Although the company says that this new F-150 lookalike is based on its own platform, there is also a chance that it's based on the Ruiling. Perhaps it's best to think of this latest clone as the Chinese love child of the Chevy and Ford.

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