The Chrysler 200's Suicide Could Mean A New Beginning For The Brand

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Will FCA have to amputate Chrysler like GM did with Pontiac?

What the hell happened to the Chrysler 200? The old 200 was so bad that Chrysler could only sell it as a fleet car. It was so bad that if you pulled up to a street corner in one, the homeless person begging for change would probably give you a dollar out of pity. The new 200 was redesigned to put these troubles in the past and the car started out as a strong seller when it was first released. Then out of the blue, dealerships were backed up with too many 200s with no customers wanting to buy them.

Later, citing poor design, Consumer Reports hammered more nails into the 200's coffin by awarding the car a title it gave the previous 200: The Worst Car Of The Year award. FCA chief Sergio Marchionne even criticized the design of the car and announced that production of the 200 would cease after the current version's production run was up. Unfortunately for FCA, it looks like this day may come even sooner. Initially, Chrysler had put a stop on the 200's production so that it could sell its overstock. The factory was going to restart production by March 14 but since the date is nearing and there is still a 200 surplus, FCA is being forced to keep delaying production until April 4.

Currently, Chrysler only sells two sedans (the 200 and 300) and a minivan, so it's easy to understand why the company isn't raising any pulses or restarting its own. Whenever the 200's production does end for good, Chrysler plans on revamping its lineup with some hot-selling crossovers.

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