The Chrysler 300 Is About To Be Axed


But what type of vehicle will take its place?

Chrysler is currently down to just two models, the well regarded Pacifica minivan and the long-running 300 sedan. Very soon, however, the latter will be discontinued. According to Automotive News Canada, the Chrysler 300 will be discontinued in 2020. Built in Brampton, Ontario, the 300 has been around since the nameplate was revived in 2005. A 15-year production run for a large, rear-wheel-drive sedan is quite impressive. In its place, Chrysler will not offer a new sedan but rather an electric minivan called the Portal, a production version of a previous concept with the same name.

"There is nothing official from the company. It's all been secondhand information, but the 300 is going to be gone and replaced by a CUV. That's been thrown out there before," said Unifor Local 1285 President Jaspal Brar. "But, we're waiting for something more definitive. We're anticipating something sooner rather than later."

For now, FCA has yet to make an official statement regarding the Chrysler 300's production future (or lack thereof) or anything about the Portal. "The Chrysler 300 will be available for the 2019 model year," an FCA Canada spokeswoman told Automotive News Canada. "We don't speculate on rumors regarding future product."

FCA previously committed to spend $325 million CD on refurbishing the Brampton plant's paint shop, meaning it's clear the facility will continue to be used to build something. Could it be the Portal? It's all speculation until the automaker makes something official. In the meantime, the Pacifica and Pacifica hybrid models are expected to be refreshed for the 2020 model year and will be completely redesigned for 2024. That's still a way out, hence Chrysler's expected focus on the Portal.

Speaking of which, sources claim the production version will look a lot like the concept, which debuted at CES in 2017. But what about the Chrysler 300's corporate cousin, the Dodge Charger? Will it last beyond 2020? Will it be replaced, unlike the 300? We've reached out to Dodge seeking comment and will update this space if we hear back.


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