The Chrysler 300 SRT8 is Very Likely Doomed

In the US, at least.

A few months back, we started hearing something we didn’t like too much. The end of the Chrysler 300 SRT8 was rumored to be near due to slow sales. Nothing was confirmed at the time, and Chrysler has still yet to make an official announcement. But the numbers are grim and the writing is on the wall. Motor Trend reports that in a good month, Chrysler sells just 75 units of the 300 SRT8. To broaden this somewhat, an average of 4,300 300s are have been sold per month so far in 2014.

That means a little over 26,000 300s have been sold this year. Of that number, just 450 were SRTs. Now, a facelifted 300 sedan is due to be unveiled at LA this November, and there’s so far no solid indication that the SRT8 will debut alongside it. However, the 300 SRT8 may not go away entirely; it’s just probably on its way out in the US. In other world markets, specifically the Middle East, the SRT8 remains quite popular. Chrysler is obviously keen to capitalize on this, so there’s a chance the 300 SRT8 will live on in the region. Gas is known to be cheaper there, after all.

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