The Chrysler Portal Concept Could Revolutionize The Family Minivan


This could be the most advanced vehicle from Chrysler yet.

With all the buzz surrounding the 2017 Detroit Auto Show, it's easy to forget that CES is only a few days away from kicking off in Las Vegas. Car manufacturers use the annual technology show to exhibit quirky concept cars and show off the latest innovations in automotive tech. While Fiat Chrysler won't be making an appearance at this year's Detroit show, it will, however, be showing off a new technologically advanced concept car at CES: the all-electric, autonomous Chrysler Portal.


The futuristic minivan may look like a Chrysler Pacifica designed by Apple, but it's much more advanced than the plain Pacifica. The Portal Concept has been designed to suit a "millennial lifestyle" and act as a "third space" between work and home. Its minimalist exterior is smartly designed, with huge "portal shaped" double sliding doors for easy entry, LED headlights and a clear roof panel and large windshield that lets in ample natural light. It's within the inviting interior, spanning 180 cubic feet, where things get interesting. The party piece is the fancy facial recognition technology, which can be used to configure individual driver and passenger settings such as music preferences and vehicle temperature.

Voice commands can be used to unlock and open doors upon approach. A large LCD screen stretches the width of the dashboard, along with a touchscreen in the center console. Meanwhile, passengers will be able to share music, photos and videos through a "community display screen," and an intercom allows parents to keep tabs on children in the third row. You can even use gestures to perform actions such as opening doors, changing the radio volume or answering phone calls. The Portal Concept can be driven autonomously too, with support for SAE Level 3 autonomous driving. What is any concept car without self-driving?

It's capable of monitoring the road with little supervision, using a variety of sensor technologies, including cameras, radar, LIDAR, and ultrasonic technology embedded in the front and rear bumpers. Beneath all this advanced technology the Portal Concept is powered by a 100 kWh battery pack mated into the floor with a range of 250 miles. Power is sent through an electric motor at the front wheels, and Chrysler says it can be topped up to a 150-mile range in less than 20 minutes with a 350-kW fast charger.

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