The City of Burbank, California Has Just Equipped Its Police With Electric Motorcycles


You'll never hear them coming until they're already writing out your ticket.

Once described by Patton Oswalt as the most boring city in America, the town of Burbank, California, has just bought a fleet of electric motorcycles from Zero Motorcycles for its police force. So now the city can also enjoy the title of having the quietest police force. The motorcycles have been modified to carry all of the equipment required of a police motorcycle, but are otherwise essentially the same as production models.

Three different models will be used by the Burbank Police, each with a slightly different purpose. There is first the SP, which is intended for street use, then the FXP, an offroad machine, and lastly the DSP, a bike which can handle either function. One has to wonder just how far you'd really want to go offroad and away from charging stations on an electric bike, but then Burbank isn't exactly a huge area. We're not sure what advantages these bikes will offer, but we're curious to see how the police force feels about them after a couple of years of use.

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