The Civic's American History

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Since 1973, the Honda Civic has become synonymous with millions of owners as a car that's safe, reliable, and fun to drive. Previously known as a builder of motorcycles, the Civic proved that Honda could sell a small hatchback to US buyers who often typically favor large full-size sedans. Through numerous redesigns, the Civic has continued to be a top seller in the compact car market.

With formidable competition such as the Toyota Corolla, the Civic proves that driving a smaller car can be an absolute pleasure. Available as both a coupe and sedan, the Civic can also be had as a hybrid and a high performance street rocket. With this versatility, owners have their choice of Civic that fits their lifestyle and driving preferences. Most important for many is the Civic's affordable base price of around $14,600. Even though the current eighth generation has been on the market since 2006, its radical spaceship like design is still fresh.

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