Classic Cars

The Classic Cars of Cuba

The charms of the Caribbean island of Cuba is documented as a couple of Motor Trend writers explore its classic cars - and have a few cigars and drinks along the way.

Ever since US President John F. Kennedy signed the official embargo of Cuba back in 1961, the island nation has remained something of a 1950s time capsule. From the architecture down to the cars, the place is unlike anywhere else on earth. And for classic car lovers, it can be downright paradise. Bolstered by cigars, daiquiris and old tales of Ernest Hemingway getting smashed as he wrote his masterpieces, Motor Trend's Arthur St. Antoine and Carlos Lago had the trip of a lifetime to explore Cuba and its cars.

Along the way the pair discovers the many innovative methods drivers have utilized to keep their decades-old cars running. The video is just over 20 minutes long, but trust us, it’s very much worth your time.

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