The Closest Thing To The Next Nissan GT-R Looks Stunning In The Flesh

2015 Tokyo Motor Show / 17 Comments

No objections if this makes production.

Right, so the Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo can only be driven in virtual reality – for now. Although Nissan hasn't confirmed a thing, word has it that this concept offers our best clues yet as to where the design direction for the next GT-R is heading. We've also heard that, if it's technically possible, Nissan would love for Godzilla to go fully electric. We'll see about that when it gets closer to – you guessed it – 2020. Nissan has gone on record about keeping the current GT-R alive for another couple of years because it still kicks so much ass.

Sounds good and that's more than enough time to get its successor prepped. In the meantime, check out these live images of the Concept 2020 Gran Turismo at Tokyo, which look simply stunning. Whether it's powered by an electric motor only, gasoline engine, or a hybrid of the two is fine by us - we just want this concept's styling to make production. Pictures courtesy of Chester Ng


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