The Corvette Has Beaten The 911 At Something Official

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Goodbye old Mr. Plastic Fantastic?

For years the Corvette has taken a lot of shit for having a cheap interior, poor daily driving road manners, and an overall sense of a lack of refinement when compared to another premium sports car, the Porsche 911. Sure, there was a time (like decades ago) when the Corvette-911 rivalry mattered more. However, the 911 went further and further upmarket while the Corvette remained as bargain high performance. But that was old GM. New GM is all about building world-class cars, and its investment in doing that is now paying off huge.


J.D. Power and Associates has just released its latest APPEAL study and – drumroll, please – the C7 Corvette Stingray beat the Porsche 911 as the most satisfying car in the Midsize Premium Sports Car category. Last year the 911 won this category, and the last time the Corvette did was 10 years ago. A total of 84,000 people who bought a new Corvette within 90 days were asked several questions about their cars, such as acceleration, fuel economy, and audio system quality. What jumped out here is one particular deciding factor: cargo space. "Interestingly, storage was also an advantage vs. the competition in this segment – with owners citing more trunk space," stated J.D. Power.

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