The Corvette May Not Be The Only Chevy To Get A Seven-Speed Manual


Not hard to guess where else it may be used.

Automakers have been shying away from using manuals on most models, including sports cars. Automatic transmissions are faster and more efficient, but some people just prefer the feeling of rowing their own gears. Even on an enthusiast car like the Corvette, only 23% of buyers opt for a manual. Luckily, GM hasn't given up on the manual transmission just yet. According to some leaked documents from the California Air Resources Board that were discovered by AutoGuide, the Camaro could soon get a new manual box.

The Camaro is currently available with a choice of either a six-speed manual or an eight-speed automatic. The faster ZL1 model replaces the eight-speed with an even quicker 10-speed unit. Interestingly, the Camaro has only been available with a six-speed manual while the Corvette uses a seven-speed transmission. According to the leaked document, the 2019 Camaro will be available with three transmission options including a six-speed manual, an eight-speed auto and a new seven-speed manual. The document only includes the 6.2-liter V8 Camaro, so there is no word on whether the ZL1 would also add an extra cog to its transmission.

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This document also shows that the Corvette probably won't be getting the new 10-speed transmission from the Camaro, and will instead rely on the old eight-speed. The seven-speed manual has an additional overdrive gear that would help the Camaro get better fuel economy. This is a nice change for the Camaro that will be useful for the 2019 model year.