The Corvette Stingray Shows the UK What America is All About

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Unfortunately, there'll always be skeptics.

The new Chevrolet Corvette Stingray has gone on sale in the US to overall rave reviews from both press and public. It is, without question, the best Corvette to date. Unlike its predecessors, the C7 was also designed to be more of a world car. It's long overdue to take on the very best the Europeans have to offer in Europe. From this point on, interested overseas buyers can simply walk into a dealership and place an order for a new Vette.

For many of these people, it's their first Corvette experience. And maybe, just maybe, a few could even be drawn away from the Porsche 911. Today, UK-based Evo gets its first taste of the Corvette Stingray as it takes America's sports car out for a test drive.

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